Face Recognition


Great! you did it 🤯

We broke, overloaded, busted, ruined, cleaned out ...
This is great for us, not so great for you?!

Grant us a time-out and try connecting again later.

  • ENTER WeAlgo

    We are sorry, your face can not be detected :(

    Face detection can be a tricky process. A lot of issues are in play. Face recognition algorithms need to be able to ‘see’ your full face.

    Perhaps you're wearing your Face Projector or a Privacy Visor to avoid being tracked ... this is the place to take them off ;)

    Lack of light can be an issue. Try Face Light to use your screen light to illuminate your face.

    Reflective glasses may cover your eyes … try to reduce the reflection. Mouth masks can cover your face. If it's save, try to take them off.

    If all this fails, we're sorry but you can't enter WeAlgo.

    You can read more here.
    Click anywhere inside the Mask to select a region.
    Hold Shift/Click to select multiple regions.
    Select entire Mask
    Use Mask icon to select entire Mask.
    Color selected fills
    Use Fill icon to color selected fills.
    Color selected strokes
    Use Stroke icon to color selected strokes.
    Color selected dots
    Use Dots icon to color selected landmarks.
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