Dear Valued Customer,

NewCom is always looking after the benefit of our valued customers and at the same time being on top of Federal/State regulations and Tax law compliance. The regulatory agencies lately have been adding and updating Taxes on the voice services render over the internet. Since the beginning of the year, NewCom has been working with a group of lawyers “Compliance solutions” who are helping us to be on fulfillment with all tax-related as an interconnected VOIP provider regulated by the FCC.

We don’t enjoy charging taxes and fees, but we must do so in order to provide our service. All regulated VOIP interconnected are obliged to collect the same amount of fees and taxes. We’re often asked why we don’t even out taxes and fees, charging a flat-rate total price across the board, regardless of where our customers live. The answer is that we are not allowed to bundle taxes and fees into a lump sum, and are required by law to itemize each tax and fee. The amount and type of taxes and fees also change regularly.

Some of the taxes you will start to see on your invoice are:
  • Federal Universal Service Fund Tax (all U.S. states)
  • e911 tax (see FCC and NENA information)
  • District taxes
  • Regulatory recovery fees (this help pay for the administration of various tax collections)
  • Area sales taxes
  • Various state and local taxes
For general information on understanding the taxes and fees charged on your phone account, please visit the Federal Regulation FCC and Florida Revenue
Be aware that total amount of your next month invoice may change. Once again we have not increased the price of our services. NewCom is following the requirements of Federal and State law.
If you may have any questions regarding this topic, please let us know we will be glad to help you. or 305.890.1588.